• 这是我与他们的故事

    This is the story between them and me


    If every special child is a plant, then they should be unique and gorgeous


    If each family is a jigsaw puzzle, then their stories piece together the path of special children


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    The lives of these mentally challenged children are like jigsaw puzzles, each one a unique piece with its own distinctive shape and color. When we put these pieces together, like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, we can see a complete and beautiful pattern.



    Presenting children with mental disabilities in the form of a puzzle conveys their uniqueness and diversity and emphasizes the importance of each individual.Such an expression can help us better understand and respect children with mental disabilities, while encouraging society to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for them to show their talents and potential.



    Each puzzle piece represents the personality, abilities and potential of a child with a mental disability.Like plants, they grow at different rates and in different ways, but they all need the right environment and support to achieve their growth. Each piece of the puzzle is essential and none is superfluous. Just as every plant plays an important role in the ecosystem, children with mental retardation are part of society, and their presence and participation are vital to the integrity and diversity of society.

  • 让我们与她们共创未来

    We are building a future with them


    The children were shy at first, afraid to speak, afraid to enter the classroom, and even some of them would lie on the ground. After many activities, they gradually and naturally integrated into the activities and shared their daily life with our volunteers. Even though some of the children were not very good at talking, they could slowly say a few words, and they were gradually integrating with everyone. Through their behavioral changes, I saw and participated in the growth process of these children.


    My growth is like a tree, and these children are like various kinds of plants. Supporting each other, we have built a complete “ecosystem” together. I feel my own growth, the strength, and resilience. We become complete when being accompanied by each other.


    These children need the care and support of society, just as plants need soil and water for nourishment to grow. The attitudes and actions of society towards children with mental disabilities will have a direct impact on their growth and development. They long for equal opportunities and fair treatment.


    Therefore, let us respect and support each other to create an inclusive and harmonious environment. Everyone can contribute his or her support so that every child with mental disabilities can receive the best care and support. Let's work together and contribute to the prosperity of this “ecosystem.”


    Let us be each other's sunshine and rain, and let us create a better tomorrow together. I want to promote supporting children with mental disabilities as our common mission. This is a mutual process for us to grow and blossom together with them. In this way, we can truly realize our ideal of symbiosis and coexistence, making life better and society in this “ecosystem” more beautiful.

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